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Warning About MyHermes – Delivering To a Nearby Random House is “Delivered”

If you are selling online and using MyHermes as your delivery service, here is a cautionary tale.

We send perhaps 50 parcels a day with Hermes, they seem to get most of them right. We get a few bouts of stupidity such as stuff delivered to completely different addresses, one customer found one on the road outside his house, the odd one gets damaged and the odd one has been stolen in transit (vanished).

But the numbers of those are quite low. MyHermes are as good as any other budget delivery outfit.… Click here to continue reading this article

Selling Online to Americans and Canadians: The Pitfalls.

If you are a UK online seller and want to sell into the USA, this article is for you. Selling into the US from the UK is full of pitfalls.

We all love selling online, don’t we? Especially in the UK.

America and Canada are potentially important markets to look at, as there are over 330 million people there. So we want to sell online to Americans, right? (And for simplistic purposes, we include Canada in the term ‘America’ and ‘Americans’ from here on in.)

However, selling from Europe or Australia to Americans can be fraught with problems.… Click here to continue reading this article

Important: We noticed unusual activity in your PayPal account (Ref #PP-823-636-935-323)

Have you had this e-mail?

“Important: We noticed unusual activity in your PayPal account (Ref #PP-823-636-935-323)”

eBay as many know was recently hacked. This resulted in passwords and personal data being accessed. This means scammers now have access to your name and email address that relate to your Paypal account.

If you use the same password on Paypal as eBay, they have access to your Paypal account as well.

If you haven’t done so already, change your eBay password. If your Paypal one is the same, change that too! 

On this e-mail, careful examination reveals it actually claims to come from this address: info@wnznm3q0n83cq4.pp8347ub6baiks05bbvvbgssxpkbjxnb6nq.com… Click here to continue reading this article