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Should You Avoid Ukrainian Women from Odessa and Kiev?

So you are seeking a woman from the former Soviet Union? Likely Russia or Ukraine. Ukraine has no visa requirements, so is easier right? In Ukraine, all the pretty girls seem to be from Odessa and Kiev. Why is that?

I think this is one of those topics that is ignored, or the meat hidden away on page 10 of other unrelated forum topics across the net. Call it the elephant in the room if you like………

I was talking to a guy on the telephone today, who as may seem to do, was fixated on the idea of travelling to Odessa and/or Kiev to meet a multitude of women – none of which he even had a number for, all of whom claimed to be seeking improbable age gaps – you get the idea.  … Click here to continue reading this article

Thinking About a Russian or Ukrainian Woman? Get The Russian Bride Guide.

The Russian Bride Guide: A beautiful, slim, good-hearted woman as a wife is just a dream for most men. How hard is it to marry one from your country? An educated one? One with good traditional family values? One who doesn’t think she is god’s gift? One a few years younger than you? Very difficult.

Russian, Ukrainian and FSU girls fill the gap that Western wannabe “sex and the city” women created. The FSU has a surplus of good, decent, beautiful, slim women just seeking a good, sober and secure husband.… Click here to continue reading this article

“do you got my last letter? Ksusha” Russian Dating Scam e-mail

You may have been the recipient of an email recently entitled “do you got my last letter? Ksusha” from the email address: chandra_stp@yahoo.com but urging you to reply to: ksevertal@yahoo.com.

Scam emails like this are designed to reel in unsuspecting men and engage them in email correspondence. After a short while comes what is known as the money request. Something terribly urgent that your email correspondent can only rely on you to help out with. Next stop is Western Union to unload a bundle of your cash to the scammer you will never hear from again.… Click here to continue reading this article