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Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2014.

Russian Ukrainian Adventures Newsletter – Summer 2014.

Hello Member,

It has been a while since we sent out a newsletter, several years in fact. So we thought one was long overdue.

We would like to bring you up-to-date on the happenings at RUA in recent months.

The Forum Continues To Go From Strength to Strength!

The forum has been rather busy in recent months. We remain not only the busiest Russian women information discussion forum on the net by far, but we are also now the largest by a sizeable margin, and have been for some time.… Click here to continue reading this article

Про араба и генерала

Она не верила в сайты знакомств до тех пор, пока мой муж чуть ли не силком заставил ее выслать ему ее любимую фотографию и сам собственноручно открыл ей страничку на том самом сайте, где мы встретили друг друга (www.luckylovers.net) Указал ее возраст- написал ей в анкете какие-то интересы …и она стла ждать.

Мужчины кинулись писать часто и много. Но она совсем не знала английского, а тех курсов, на которые она ходила чуть ли не целых два года, как оказалось, недостаточно даже для элементарного понимания. Западным мужчинам же хочется романтики. Хочется видеть женщину по вебкамере и кричать ей по Skype какая она прекрасная и слышать что-то в ответ.… Click here to continue reading this article

Reviewing Anastasia Date

Reviewing Anastasia Date -Two models for agency financial success:

Various different forum threads have reported the recruitment of ‘Translators’ and ‘Interpreters’ into the agencies that feed Anastasia Date.

There are both agency descriptions (of how to recruit TERPS) in the home site and there are advertisements that were previously reported here and on various online forums.

This recruitment for paid ‘translators’ is indicative of a model for having women appear on camera or on chat to deceive the men users into thinking that they are chatting with someone who wants to find a husband.… Click here to continue reading this article

Scammed or Dumped in Odessa?

This tale is indicative of how some men imagine they have been scammed by a “Russian Dating Scammer” – but in fact they have merely been dumped and/or were hoping to date hopelessly out of their league. Here is Richey’s tale………

I just got back from Odessa where I was to meet a woman i have been talking to for over a year. The last night she told me she wanted me to come back and we would keep in touch over emails. I have been home over a month now and still havent heard from her.

Click here to continue reading this article