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2013 Musings from Togliatti, Russia: Restaurants & Eating Out.

Eating Out in Togliatti. 

When you visit a place, you don’t really want to start cooking do you? So restaurants are going to feature. However, in my experience, this is something Russia hasn’t quite got to grips with yet.

We went in two places that had been previously OK that now have insect issues. One had beetle type things creeping around the corners, and the other some insect ran out of the menu at me as I opened it. The staff apologised and explained that the place next door had just been fumigated and all the insects had ran away into their restaurant. … Click here to continue reading this article

St Petersburg Russian Restaurant, York Street, Liverpool. L1 5BN.


St Petersburg Russian Restaurant.
7a York Street, Liverpool, L1 5BN,
Tel/Fax: 0151 7096676

I took my wife there in November. It is situated down a back street in a district full of boarded up buildings and drug dealers with Pit Bull Terriers stood on the street corners. Parking is not safe there, suggest a taxi there if you must go.

It was quiet as the grave when we went, the service was adequate, but the bunch of ‘buddies and cronies’ lurking near the door (in the usual Russian pointy shoes and black leather jackets) all mumbling in Russian gave it more of a speakeasy feel rather than a restaurant.… Click here to continue reading this article