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How Forum Spammers Operate. How To Spam A Forum

Forum spam is a big issue if you own a forum. This title is probably going to bring in some folks, thinking ‘why the heck is he writing this here?’ We don’t need to know how they work, we just need to know how to stop forum spam.’

The simple truth is, if you know exactly how it’s done, and how it all works, you can then know what counter-measures you can invoke to help to combat this problem. Note how I said to “combat it”, and not stop it.… Click here to continue reading this article

microsoft critical update spam from wchurl.info

A major blog spam robot hit the “comment” box automatically on millions of blogs last night all around the world. 

The text of the comment was as follows: Just wanted to pass some info along about a microsoft critical update that was in the news a couple days ago, you can google for info or I have provided a link below. I was sitting on my couch looking at my computer screen and noticed my mouse moving around and became irate, you guys be careful.

Naturally, there is no “critical update” and internet security specialists are advising that recipients DO NOT click on the links given.… Click here to continue reading this article