UK Petition: Lift EU/US sanctions on Russia to increase trade now the UK is leaving the EU

By | July 7, 2016

As we all know, the UK has chosen to exit the EU.

We call this bid for freedom BREXIT.

This means once again we can become an independent country making our own decisions.

The UK has sanctions on Russia.

Russia has reciprocal trade sanctions on the UK.

This means much trade is blocked between Russia and the UK.


Because the warmongering USA has the EU as its bitch. The US says “jump” and the EU says “how high?”

The US has almost no trade with Russia. So it doesn’t hurt the US.

Yet thousands of farmers and producers of other goods in the UK are BLOCKED from exporting to Russia.


Because the USA funded a coup d’état in Ukraine, removed the democratically-elected president, installed an American puppet, anti-Russian president, and the EU dutifully (albeit unsuccessfully) tried to bring Ukraine into its orbit, away from its natural, linguistic, historical and cultural partner: Russia.

The result of this was a breakaway region in the east many refer to as Novorossiya (New Russia), who self-declare as the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) and the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

In addition, the people of the briefly “Ukrainian” peninsula of Crimea (full of ethnic Russians) didn’t want to be ruled by proxy from the USA, so they held a referendum, left Ukraine and reunified with Russia.

What has this to do with Brexit? 

The EU and their transatlantic overlords decided to frame those events as Russia “invading” Ukraine and gleefully pressed the EU to sign the UK up to sanctions on Russia. Sanctions that Russia reciprocally responded to and stopped most imports of foodstuffs and many other goods.

Yup, that means in Russia they cannot buy Cheshire Cheese, British eggs, apples or a host of other stuff from the UK.

Because the EU and Uncle Sam say so.

This is directly taking bread from British tables.

This is inhibiting exports.

This is destroying British business and losing British jobs.

BILLIONS of pounds of trade poured into the UK from Russia’s 140 MILLION people.

But it stopped.

But then we voted Brexit!

So why do we need to participate in US/EU led sanctions on Russia?

We dont! 

We have no horse in the race in eastern Ukraine. Not our business.

Russia is no threat to us (or anyone who doesn’t threaten her for that matter). Russia is our friend. Russia WANTS to trade with the UK.

We can, as an independent country (once more), get those 140 million potential customers back. We can get back those BILLIONS of pounds of trade from the largest country in the world with twice our population.


Lets use the mechanism that won us our freedom. Votes!

We have a system for this already.


There is already a vote on the UK Parliamentary website asking for exactly this.

Here is the text:

As the UK has chosen to exit the EU, we will be no longer bound by US-influenced, EU sanctions on Russia. We should lift sanctions on Russia as an independent country to regain the millions of pounds of trade we have lost with Russia. We don’t need to participate in EU/US sanctions against Russia.


More details

The EU and the US introduced sanctions on Russia over the democratic decision of the people of Crimea to reunify with Russia and Russia’s alleged backing of separatists in Eastern Ukraine. The UK had to participate in this as an EU member. Now the UK is leaving the EU, we need not be dictated to by it. Lost trade with Russia costs the UK many millions of pounds. This is trade that we are now at liberty to get back. Russia is a market of 140m consumers British business needs.


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