Visit to a Russian Girl in Penza, Russia.

By | December 18, 2008

One day before Miss Penza and I had a very strong discussion and fight in a 3 way call with the help of Ladagirl I did not know if she would be there at the airport in Penza or not, but I decided to go anyway.

Flight from Mexico City to Madrid took around 11 hours, later I waited at Barajas airport more time and the flight to Moscow with Iberia was delayed around 5 hours….. finally I arrive to Moscow with 5 hours of delay….. the guy at Russian customs was taking all the time in the world to check the visas and passports… after customs one guy had my name on a card he was the contact from the travel agency he spoke English and told me to hurry because the flight to Penza was about to leave……..

I followed the guy from all to Saratov Airlines frontdesk..  I was sactioned with an extra tariff of 2500 rubles because I arrived so late… the guy told me it was the fault of Iberia (which it was) so gave an extra copy of the facture in order to complain to Iberia later. 

Nobody spoke English at Saratov Airline’s .. there were 2 women, one redhead and one blonde, the redhead was very angry because I did not speak Russian  and wrote something in a paper, he wanted an extra 500 rubles. After one show of check in the luggage, the blonde took me and guide me to the security gate in order to pass to the gates. In the gates a old man, he was very  very rude and was very angry because I did not spoke Russian, he cursed me in Russian and said a lot of insults one of the made me very angry because I understood that.. he said: what are you doing in Russia if you do not speak Russian…. this made me angry,  after 2 days of no sleeping and bad eating I was very weak to fight this old man (not that old maybe 45) but I thought what the heck … if will not tolerate this attitude from him… so I started to counter his insults in Russian with English and Spanish insults.. at any moment the discussion was about to develop into a physical fight so the women there took me and told me to hurry to the gates while they were checking the other guy in the security gate…..

I followed another redhead through the gates with my baggage (3 very heavy suitcases by the way) I was not at my best and I had a lot of problems with my luggage so I could not go as fast as I wanted, after arriving to the gate I and another old man got into a truck right to the plane. This old man felt sorry for my I think as my desesperation in my face was obvious for not beign able to find one single person who spoke English or any other language that I knew (Spanish, French and German).. after carrying my luggge into the plane the old man started talking with my in Russian.

The plane was the most gray and modest I ever seen, not even in Mexico did I see such a modest aircraft and most surprising it was able to take off and flight in a normal  way I thought it could fall at any moment but no.. it managed flight. The old man said some words in order to calm me and asked me why I was going to Penza after discovering it was because of a Debushka he smiled and continue talking…by this moment I felt absolutely miserable because I thought there was no motive to suffer in such way only because of a girl .. so I felt the greates idiot in the earth… The woman at the plane served some candies and water (I asked without gasa jeje) after discovering I was not able to speak Russian she smiled and say a few words in English.. sadly she was not fluent in English but she knew some phrases and words

After the plane arrived into Penza this kind old man help me with some luggage and guide me through the airport of Penza in order to recover my other baggage in that part she was waiting.  I saw her and she was so much taller than she claimed to be, I think she is 180 (she said she was 175) she was wearing a red coat and boots so she looked quite impressive…………..

Miss Penza looks very different in her photos in a positive way, so much taller and pretty, her photos don’t do her justice…………

This story is continued on the Russian Ukrainian Women Information Forums, and is part reproduced here with their permission.

2 thoughts on “Visit to a Russian Girl in Penza, Russia.

  1. voron

    “Miss” Penza is and has been married to a local millionaire, so this story is either BS or “Miss” Penza BSed the poor chap that wrote.

    I’m from Penza.

    Zdarova prostochki! 🙂

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