Where to Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign

By | June 4, 2022

Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign

If you want to buy a UK specification combined 30mph and speed camera sign, we can point you to it.

On its own, a 30mph sign is of limited effect. Similarly, on its own, a camera sign is of limited effect. However, put the two together and psychologists say that the combined effect is a more effective call to action in the brain. That is why local authorities have started using the combined speed limit and camera sign.

You probably live on a road where the traffic is continually speeding, and you’re looking for a sign to slow them down.

If you saw this, would you slow down?

30mph camera sign

I know I would.

Why Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign?

You’d imagine it would be a simple matter to get in touch with your local council and ask them to put such a sign up on a road near you, wouldn’t you?

Everyone knows the road has a problem with speeding. You pay your Council Tax, right? Aren’t road signs exactly the type of thing you’d expect the council to do with your money?

You’d think it easy to have a bloke from the Highways Department pop down, stand with you for five minutes while everyone tears by like they’re in Wacky Races, nod in agreement with you, and a few days later, a bloke in a high visibility jacket arrives and up goes the new sign.

It doesn’t work like that.

Putting aside the fact that half the council seems to still be working from home in 2022, the bureaucracy involved in having the council put up a sign like this is mind-numbing.

A case study we know about involves a road in Tameside, Greater Manchester. It’s a very busy cut-through with no signage at all on it. It’s a 30mph limit and everyone tears down it at 50mph+. There’s a zebra crossing and a mini-roundabout on the road that the traffic just tears over as if they’re not there. Putting such a sign up should be a no-brainer.

The Labour-controlled local council disagreed. They said that although there had been many accidents they knew of on the road, there had been no fatalities on that stretch and until there were, they wouldn’t review the signage. Getting the local MP involved didn’t help either.

But let’s imagine you live somewhere the local council might be more responsive.

They will want surveys, reports, and feasibility studies. Groups of blokes with clipboards will make many visits to stand about over many months, and still, you’ll have no sign.

You might wait a year or more and then find out they decided not to bother. They won’t tell you of course.

There’s a faster way: buy a 30mph speed camera sign and erect it yourself.

Buy a 30mph speed camera sign

They’re not hard to fit, they have two rails on the back that two clips slide into.

Buy a 30mph sign

You secure them to any suitable lamp post or pole with the supplied clips and jubilee clip bands.

Buy a speed camera sign

Five minutes with a step ladder and a screwdriver and Bobs your uncle!

Is It Allowed to Erect Your Own Road Signs?

Probably not. But who is going to notice? Councils don’t have a department that drives around looking for road signs that weren’t there yesterday. I think we can safely regard it as a victimless crime. Most councils can’t even sweep the streets properly, they’re certainly not going to notice that you erected a speed limit or camera sign.

If you’re concerned about being asked about or noticed when fitting it, our advice is to do it early on a Sunday morning when the roads are quiet. If you can procure a high visibility jacket from somewhere, certainly nobody would give you a second glance if you did it during Friday night rush hour.

Where to Buy a 30mph Speed Camera Sign?

You can buy one on eBay here: >>buy a 30mph speed camera sign on eBay<<

You can buy from the same seller less the eBay fees on their own site here: >>buy a 30mph speed camera sign<<

It’s a bit cheaper on the second link simply because there are no seller’s eBay fees when you buy direct.

Now you know where to buy a 30mph speed camera sign!