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Amici Italian Restaurant. 59-61 Buxton Rd, Heaviley, Stockport. SK2 6NB.

The clientele: Being in Stockport, Amici attracts the typical Stockport woman – overweight, a bit supercilious, a tad loud and generally best avoided – and who doesn’t know a decent piece of fillet from any other piece of meat she may consume on a meal inclusive two week Eastjet discount jaunt to Turkey. She thinks Amici is great! The rest of the typical clientele are the over 50’s (the only ones who have money in a recession – having no mortgage), they remember the austere 1970’s, so think Amici is decadent. (Did I see an automatic Austin Princess in the car park?) The crowd is mostly quiet, local and non-discerning. Some will be celebrating birthdays and occasions as that’s the only time they get to venture into a restaurant.

Fast and cheap Google indexing!

Fast and cheap Google indexing! Isn’t that what everyone is looking for? How hard is it? We say not very hard if you know what you are doing. You can waste your money paying so-called “SEO experts” in Calcutta $2 to drop you a hundred spammy back links all over websites nobody ever reads, link exchange pages and other pages with two thousand links on if you want.

Sure, Google will find you eventually, and you might be later shocked to learn that some “expert” in Mumbai has dropped your back links all over Thai porn sites, blacklisted sites and other places of online ill-repute. Your site may even suffer because of being linked from bad neighbourhoods.

Eastern European Girl – Large Age Gap – Cheeky Girls

Frankly, I had no expectation of anything romantic happening between us, although I must admit that I was secretly hopeful. When, two months later, we became more than just friends, cynics derided our alliance. To them it just had to be a stunt, after all I was 41 and she was 24. They cited my quirky reputation and wonky face as evidence against me,

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