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Test Drive Review Mazda CX-9

Test Drive Review Mazda CX-9

Really enjoyed my test drive of the Mazda CX-9.  I was really surprised how well the car handled and performed for a midsize crossover SUV.

I was comfortable in the drivers seat and there were plenty of gadgets and gizmo’s that made the driving experience more enjoyable.  The blind spot warning detector was a great example of this.  If there is a car in your blind spot and you want to change lanes, a warning light appears in your left door rear mirror alterting you to danger.… Click here to continue reading this article

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

Test Drive Review Infiniti FX35 AWD

WOW!  What an absolutely fun car to drive.  When sitting in the roomy drivers seat the front fender bulge gives you the impression of sitting in the cockpit of a sleek fighter jet.  The performance of the car doesn’t disappoint.  To goes like a rocket ship, corners like a race car and handles like a dream.

The coupe-like styling makes it seem like you’re not driving an crossover SUV at all.  The interior has all the high tech features you will ever need.  The XM radio intergrates with the navigation system on an huge color graphic screen. … Click here to continue reading this article Fake Russian Scammer

If you are Googling for the addresses, or you are in the right place.

We all get many of these things a day, but some people wonder if they are real and go Googling.

This is a typical spammy email that purports to come from a Russian woman. It probably actually comes from some big hairy guy. For sure, the sender is nowhere near Russia. The sender of this email is in either Poland, or more likely France. The purpose is to engage lonely guys in chat and eventually ask for money under some false pretext.… Click here to continue reading this article