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This post is to introduce a new book: The Russian Bride Guide. How to Meet, Court and Marry a Woman from the Former Soviet Union. 

All Men Need to Know About Russian Women. 

New York, September 4 2008:  Just-released “Russian Bride Guide” is a complete course for any marriage-minded man who wants to find, meet, court and marry the perfect Russian bride. The husband and wife team of Olga Maslova, a Russian psychologist, and English author Stuart J. Smith used their own experience of a successful cross-cultural romance to make the truth about Russian women available to all who seek Russian mates, while shattering the myths about “mail-order brides”.

Russian Women Guide

The tongue-in-cheek cover, which features a scantily-clad Russian woman (actually the co-author Olga Maslova) climbing out of a packing box clutching her passport, has already caused some controversy among feminist groups and made the book’s sales jump, thanks to the unsought publicity.

“The authors have created something which genuinely offers the ‘inside scoop.’ It is an absolute must-read for any man looking to Russia for a wife,” wrote Jim Hanemaayer in the Mendeleyev Journal. Jim is also Russia Correspondent for USA Channel One and USA Columnist for Bolshoi Magazine, Moscow. 

The book corrects common misperceptions and enlightens men about what Russian women really want and how to woo them successfully. Issues including age differences, language barriers and how to deal with dishonest agencies are explored with candor and common sense. As are tips on traveling to Russia to meet potential brides and handling visa and residency issues. The final chapters offer practical advice on post-marital adaptation, overcoming cultural issues and maintaining a stable family.  

Maslova and Smith have also set up a global internet advice forum for their readers and any who might be contemplating an international marriage. Its many hundreds of active members, expert advisors and experienced contributors from the US, Australia, Canada and the UK, can advise on any relevant issues that are not covered in the book.  

The “Russian Bride Guide” is already being referred to as the Western man’s “bible” on wooing Russian women.  Reader responses have been great so far. 

Since I choose my own course regarding the pursuit of my Ukrainian partner, I endeavor to consider everything I see, read, and hear. My opinion of this book is that “it should be mandatory reading for any man even considering pursuing a woman from the Former Soviet Union (FSU)”. If you can make it through the book and not have a heart attack on the cost aspect alone, then I would say you are well positioned for your journey. I have read the book cover to cover twice now, and for the first time in my life, have tabbed a few pages of things I need to review as my journey continues.

If you are serious about finding a wonderful woman. A woman who’s values match your’s without the trappings of what many people consider the spoiled offerings of many western women, then this book is an excellent start. If you are not sure about this journey when you start the book, you will be when you finish.

Don R Peltonen, California – Posted on


The book is simply “excellent”. It is factual without being offensive. It’s helpful without being overbearing. It is instructive without being condescending. I didn’t read ANYTHING in the book that I think is bad or unwise advice. I made my first visit to Russia in 1997 and have been happily married to a RW since 2002. In that light, the book basically says pretty much what I’d say if I had the time, patience or creative ability to write a book myself. IMHO it is the BEST book on this topic that I have read, and I’ve read just about all of ’em.

Bradley W Sharp, Ohio – Posted on


The writing is fluid; the presentation is logical and the content is exceptionally useful. The author should be very pleased with his handiwork. And men at virtually any stage of their search for a lady from Russia, Ukraine or other former Soviet Union country would be well-advised to buy a copy and read it carefully, taking the advice to heart. In one single source there is now a wealth of current and useful information that will allow any man to avoid virtually all the pitfalls and take all the right steps for a successful relationship with a lady from the former Soviet Union. I’m impressed!

A Reader from Florida – Posted on


Even buyers on eBay have been impressed. This is a sample of the feedback they left after buying it on that site………..


Russian Women Book

It is available from all reputable bookstores by order and Amazon in any country, but it is faster to order it direct from the authors website here: Russian Women Guide – Russian Bride Guide for same day express shipping worldwide. 

The authors have been promoting the book recently on radio interviews across America and Canada. These stations have recently run a feature about the book…..

KCEO 1000AM San Diego, USA.

KOA 850 Denver, USA.

94.5 FM “The Bull” Toronto, Canada.

WOCM FM 98.1 Maryland, USA.

WWPR 1490, Florida, USA.

KSDP 830 AM, Alaska, USA.

WXBR 1460, Boston, MA, USA.

Radio Colorado 1060 AM, Denver, USA.

WJBC 1230 AM, Illinois USA.

WNJC 1360 AM, Philadelphia, USA.

KSEN 1150 AM, Montana, USA.

C Fax & Kool FM 107.3, Victoria, BC, Canada.

Recently featured on “Your Time with Kim Iverson,” an Entercom Communications’ syndicated night show based out of Austin, TX. Broadcasting to eight cities: Portland (KRSK), Denver (KALC), Austin (KAMX), Wichita (KFBZ), Memphis (WMC), Indianapolis (WZPL), Buffalo (WTSS), and Norfolk (WPTE).

Sometimes guys just respond to a good visual to make them think about a subject. If you have never thought about a Russian woman before, we thought this quick visual, reproduced with the authors permission from one of their websites quite sobering……..

So is it worth all the effort then do you think? All this international travel and expense? It all depends on what you want out of life and what you will settle for. Let me give you a quick visual……  Do you want your future wife to look like one of these ladies?

Overweight American Women

No – I didn’t think so. Perhaps you had something like this lady below in mind?

Want a wife like this? Buy the Russian Bride Guide!

Yes, that’s more like it isn’t it? But you won’t be marrying a woman like her unless you know exactly what you are doing, and can navigate the scammer infested waters of the Russian online dating world – it’s as simple as that. But you know what? It is possible. I did it, that’s my wife on our book cover. You can do it too. Want to learn how?


The Russian Bride Guide (in paperback) is available from all reputable bookstores by order and Amazon in any country, but it is faster to order it direct from the authors website here: Russian Bride Guide Order Page for same day express shipping worldwide.

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