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eBay Buyers Get Greedier! Case Study: Janet Bailey aka jsb190854

Janet Bailey of The Cottage, 8 Alderton Road, Chippenham, Wilts. SN14 6AN is a typical example of the new generation of greedy eBayer. Buying occasionally from eBay under the username jsb190854, Janet is of the breed that starts complaining AFTER she has purchased and received the goods.

Anyone with half a brain, when buying from eBay, checks the postage and handling price, and weighs up the total cost to determine if they are getting value for money. Janet is not of this strain of regular person. Her preferred method is to buy the goods, have them satisfactorily and speedily delivered, find they are to her satisfaction and THEN she will start pestering you and complaining about it.… Click here to continue reading this article