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How to be a good eBay buyer – about eBay non, slow and late payers

Top of the list of bad eBayers is slow and late payers. Oh, and non payers.

As a seller, we write a nice listing, try to describe it as honestly as possible, we photograph the item, we calculate what we need for shipping and handling to various places, we pay eBay their listing fees, their final value fees and then – when paid – the Paypal fees. That takes time and effort. You don’t think about it, but all those fees often equate to around 17% of the price you pay.

We sit around for anything from one day to ten days for a listing to end and you are the winning bidder. Great! Congratulations. Now you need to pay.

We wait around a day or two. We send you an invoice; we send you a payment reminder or two. These are all sitting in your email inbox – go and look! Don’t be a deadbeat that pays late or doesn’t pay at all. People eBay for all kinds of reasons. Some people run their businesses this way and some just sell off their old crap and there is every variant in between.

Whatever kind of seller we are, we want to be paid. It doesn’t matter if it is £1 or £1000 – we want to be paid, and pretty quickly please. Within 24 hours will be just fine.

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